Magnetic Towels – Towels that attach around you with a magnet

Nordic design

Nordic and clean design – matches nearly every interior.

Magnetic solution

The “secret sauce” behind our towels are two extremely powerful neodymium magnets, which keep the towel from falling.

Student company

Magnetic Towel was founded by three high-school students. Their aim is to start a revolution in the way we use towels.


What is Magnetic Towel?

We’ve all been in the situation, where we come out of a boiling hot sauna and we’re trying to wrap a towel around us, but it keeps falling off because we lack the ability to move our sweaty fingers in the right fashion to tie a knot in the towel. Magnetic Towel is here to help. Never worry about keeping your towel up again. Our towels are packed with super-powerful neodymium magnets, which will hold up your towel for you. Never worry about tying a knot or keeping your towel up again!


How does Magnetic Towel work?

Magnetic Towels are packed with ultra-strong shock resistant neodymium magnets, which will keep your towel up for you. Never worry about tying a know again and just let your towel snap in place – in an instant!


What’s special about our towels?

We’re the first company in the world to produce towels, which can stay around your body by only using magnets. Our solution is extremely simple but has never been done before.


Created by high-school students

Bo Aaron

CEO and Designer


Head of Sales and Production

Magnetic Towels

Magnet Towel was created by high-school students

We founded our student company in 2016 and have since then created a unique product and launched it globally. We work in a team of three young high-school students – Bo Aaron Kooser (CEO and designer), Karl Kibuspu (CMO) ja Paul Siht (Head of Sales and Manufacturing). Our aim is to make people use towels in a completely new way.


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